Are you considering a career change, seeking advancement or professional development? The Workforce Development & Continuing Education Department in the School of Professional Development Community Development at Medgar Evers College offers a wide array of industry accredited certifications, professional certifications, and personal development courses through our various institutes that will help you reach your goals.

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& Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC)





& Coding

The Institute of Accounting, Business & Entrepreneurship offers a series of entry level accounting courses, business and entrepreneurial courses expected to expand your career and teach you to develop and grow your business. Special emphasis is placed on bring the underground economy into compliance with normalized business practices. Excellent for small business start-ups.
物业管理原则 Bookkeeping & Accounting for Beginners 音乐业务
Introduction to Real Estate Concepts & Careers Commercial Real Estate Basics & Practices 公证人研讨会
纽约州的房地产销售人员 财政可持续性
The Institute of Science & Technology offers a series of accredited certificates and non-certificates course that prepare participants to enter the fast paced technology and emerging green technology sectors. The technology sector is expanding and employment opportunities are projected to grow above the national average over the next 10 years.
计算机基础知识 微软Office初学者 平面设计基础知识
公证人研讨会 音乐业务 人工智能
UNIX系统编程 云计算 计算机网络安全从头提前
移动应用开发 网络编程
The Institute of Fine & Performing Arts offers a series of connected media, dance and fine art courses for personal development as well as honing of professional skills. These course are foundational to their various art forms and can be for personal enjoyment and development but can be used to gain entry into the various art sectors.
介绍给我的无人驾驶飞机 介绍到雄蜂二 绘画技巧
吉他初学者 钢琴初学者 中间钢琴
长效的椅子的艺术 写作基本面1 小说写作
The Executive Leadership & Management Institute offer a series of Leadership Certificates, Seminars & conferences tailored to equip participants with the skills needed to find solutions to complex challenges and to contribute to their personal and organizational growth

项目管理 行政领导证书课程(ELCP)
聪明的职业发展通路计划(S-CAPP) is a MEC WDACE program designed to partner with alternative high schools in NYC. S-CAPP is an immersion program in these high school that enable students to graduate with their HS diploma and an industry accredited certificate or portfolio. SmartCAPP (S-CAPP) is the equivalent of the College NOW program for transfer schools and YABCs. S-CAPP is envisioned as a partnership between Medgar Evers College (MEC) Workforce Development-& Continuing Education Department (WDACE) and DOE’s alternative high schools (Transfer schools & YABC’s) to promote skilled based certification in high needs areas with expanding employment prospects in the healthcare, business and computer technology and arts and the development of mission critical work standards skills in conjunction with the Learn to Work program.

TASC /高中同等学历(GED前身) 写作基本面1